Interview Prep & Debrief

As expert recruiters, the team here at Search Tech have exceptional knowledge of interviewing styles and techniques which puts us in perfection position to help prep you for your upcoming interviews.  

Using a range of questioning techniques, we can put you through your paces – checking your answers, relevance and timing. By doing this, we can really elevate your responses by giving you detailed and friendly feedback that can help focus your efforts and present you at your very best. We can also advise you on Caliper, Psychometric and Technical Assessments, should you need it. 

All of this advice comes free of charge to our applicants and is just part of our job seeker services. 

Once you have completed your interview with your prospective employer, we are also here on hand to run through your interview and give you an interview debrief. Whilst the information is fresh in your mind, we will go through everything from first impressions through to questioning including insights into question style and topic as well as “next stages” explanation. We feel that this elevated level of support helps keep you as well informed as possible and reinforces how valued you are to us as a candidate. 

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