Contingency Recruitment

We pride ourselves on our ability to source the most qualified and experienced candidate for your business and we can do that through out Contingency Recruitment Service. We are able to provide you a shortlist of suitable candidates, giving you pick of the very best candidates on the market matched within your specific timescale. This technique blends the ability for you to use other suppliers and resourcing strategies.  As previously stated, here at Search Tech, all of our client services are free until the point of placement. 

To find out more about how our contingency search service would help you fill your vacancy, please contact one of the team today.

 “My experience with SearchTech is so far very promising. Charles and Ashley (with whom I’m working for a HSQE role) are really knowledgeable and efficient. SearchTech has successfully led a recruitment campaign for our recycling centres by recruiting shortly and efficiently. The candidates they have sourced now enable us now to have a good retention rate in this area.  

SearchTech have also recruited our new E&I Manager, which was considered as one of the most difficult position’s to recruit for in LondonEnergy.  

SearchTech are always approachable and customer focused, which is appreciated. I can recommend  SearchTech services and I look forward to continuing the partnership with Sally, Charlie and Ashley and their company.” 

Jacques Samama 

Head of People 

London Energy Limited