Solar O&M Team Leader

Various UK locations - North East & South West
+44 (0)1202 554624

Location: Various

The ideal candidate will be an experienced Solar Electrical Technician who has good leadership

capabilities, project management skills and dedication to delivering a world class O&M service.


*Note – the Solar Team Leader Technician may be allocated fewer sites to manage in order to ensure

time can be allocated to the additional responsibilities.

  • Day to day coordination of a team of Solar Technicians
  • Oversite of site performance by ad-hoc monitoring and ensuring correct priorities
  • Attendance at weekly coordination calls and relaying information back to the team
  • Typically, there will be weekly call between Senior Tech and O&M Manager
  • Demonstrate leadership for health and safety at all times and help improve safety standards
  • across the team
  • Set high standard for quality and compliance of maintenance tasks, and lead by example in this area
  • Review and approve work orders in the company
  • Hold a credit card to enable ad-hoc hotel, subsistence and travel purchases
  • Allocate downtime events at least weekly so that the correct downtime cause and penalizing status can be recorded, and ensuring good commercial awareness when doing so
  • Approval of timesheets for staff in the region
  • Formally report back performance on a monthly basis to the Solar O&M Manager and demonstrate accountability for the performance of their region
  • Input into the monthly O&M reports and attend monthly client calls and six-monthly client face to face meetings
  • Carrying out audits and site checks to ensure the quality of all sites in the region and ensuring compliance with the O&M contract
  • Ensuring records are maintained and is used to its fullest extent
  • Supporting recruitment and new staff onboarding activities
  • Providing specialist support to fill resource gaps within the region
  • Maintain and develop relevant specialist skills e.g. SAP, etc
  • Support budgeting and commercial planning activities